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Why A Summer At Home Will Benefit From The Addition Of Bi-Folding Doors

It looks as though foreign travel will be pretty restricted this summer, but it’s important that you still take a break to recharge the batteries. 

Grey Lean-To Conservatory with Bi-Folding Doors

Why not just do it at home? 

The homecation was a big thing last year, and it will be the same again this year as holiday accommodation in Scotland for the summer will be in very high demand and costly in the most popular areas. 

Make it a homecation that everyone in the family will remember, which it will be if you have bi-folding doors installed in time for it.

Curious as to why? We can explain:

Draw together the indoors and outdoors

On any homecation, the whole of your property needs to be used, home and garden. It will therefore make sense to unite the two areas on those lovely sunny days, which the opening of a bi-folding door will enable you to do. 

Our bi-folding doors can consist of up to as many as 7 panes, or as little as 2 panes. But no matter what size it is, it will help establish one uninterrupted space when the door leafs are folded to one side. 

You will have so much freedom to roam around the property at will.  

Offer ventilation

How high would you rate our chances of experiencing a heatwave this summer? 

We’re going to stay on the side of optimism and predict a hot few months, which if proved correct, may lead to your internal space becoming extremely warm, too warm in fact. 

No problem. The generous opening of the bi-fold can come into effect and keep your home’s interior nice and cool, pulling in a very welcome breeze from outside. 

Easy outdoor meals

When that pleasant weather comes, it also gives you the chance to eat outside, just like you would do when in Spain, Greece or Italy. 

You just have to get the barbecue going! Do a trolley dash at the supermarket and fill your trolley full of burgers, sausages and kebabs that can be chucked on the grill. 

The role of a bi-fold in this is that it will help you get to the kitchen easily and take out plates, cutlery etc. with less chance of any mishaps happening. 

Do you want to bag some bi-folds for the summer? You had better speak to Crystal Clear then and view our bi-fold product range here.

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