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What You Can Do To Make Your Home More Secure

It won’t have escaped your attention that as well as the temperature falling, it’s suddenly getting dark early, and you will notice it even more once the clocks go back. 

One set of people will be delighted that the long autumn and winter days/nights are here – thieves. 

They will seek to take advantage of it by trying to unlawfully get into people’s houses, and your home could be one of the properties in their sights. 

With it being National Home Security Month, you could always head over to the official website for the yearly initiative to get some home security tips. 

Crystal Clear can also offer you some wise advice on the subject:

Get a burglar alarm installed

We keep so much stuff in our homes, including many items of significant worth and sentimental value. This makes it all the more puzzling that only a third of UK homes have a burglar alarm. 

Less than every two minutes (106 seconds, to be precise) a home in the UK is burgled, but it wouldn’t be anywhere close to this frequency if more properties had a bells-only, dialler, wireless or silent burglar alarm. 

A reliable, fully-fitted alarm can cost just £200 and should keep your home out of harm’s way.

Don’t leave out a spare key

You could end up with egg on your face if a thief swipes a spare key that you have ‘hidden’ under a plant pot or doormat and uses it to gain entry into your house. 

They won’t believe their luck and it happens far too often, with home insurance policies potentially being invalidated because of it. 

The more sensible thing to do is cut some keys for anyone you’re happy to have one, hand it to them face-to-face and make them promise to look after it.

Invest in new windows & doors

If their hunt for a spare key outside fails, a thief’s next likely step will be to try and get one of your windows or doors open. 

They shouldn’t stand a chance of doing this, but that depends on whether the locking systems are tamper-proof and the glass can, or cannot, be removed from outside the house. 

Find out what state your windows and doors are in by giving them the push test. When pushed, they shouldn’t move an inch. If they do, new windows and doors are a must. 

It’s the perfect time to buy new windows and doors from Crystal Clear as they are included in our autumn sale. Our Special Offers page has all the details of this.

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